Socialfaim dashboard identifies quality audience as, the segment of audience who tends to like and comments on your posts on a regular basis, and are not identified as suspicious.

Instagram users with more than 2000 followings are considered as Mass Followers. They grow their followers count by following tonnes of inauthentic and irrelevant accounts.

Socialfaim algorithm uses image recognition technology. The technology recognises human face and provides results.

Socialfaim's graph gives report that reflects how many people are following their channel after every three days. Also, reflects the number of people subscribed to the account in a given period.

Influencer Marketing is a social media marketing that uses key industry leaders who have niche audience and focuses on to promote brand's message and awareness through authentic content.They have the potential to influence buyers as they hold the level of credibility, authenticity and quality of their content.

Mega influencers are highest category social media influencers. They mostly celebrities which has millions of following and their audience can fall into various sectors. They highly expensive.

Macro influencers are those people who have gained popularity via internet. They are social media stars and have best engagement for their content. They usually fall from 100 000 to 1 million. They work well for brands looking to advertise to a specific niche.

Micro influencers have very loyal audience. They fall from 10,000 to 100,000 followers. They usually promote the products which their audience like and prefer. They are not expensive. They have very niche audience. Their followers are people who have a genuine interest in their content.

Nano influencer have power to influence among their local community. They have very small audience around thousand people. They have the highest engagement due to their less following number but their audience trust them because they are more authentic.

There are different ways of digging new profiles manually but they it takes lot of time and efforts. Socialfaim tool helps you to find and discover influencers based on certain keywords. Socialfaim enables the brand to analyse influencers performance on different social media platform.

Influencer marketing is leading form digital marketing which helps to reach to authentic audience on social media through word of mouth marketing. Each influencer nano, micro, macro and mega influencers are responsible to bring awareness for brands and push their sales. Word of mouth marketing comes from trust and the content created by the influencer. Investing in influencer marketing always converts leads to sale. Therefore, it's worth investing.

It's important to set your objective that you are looking for, that can be content creation or reach/engagement. If you find macro influencer budget too high you can go with micro influencers who can give you best engagement. Socialfaim tool helps brand to extract best influencer list under min budget

Influencers charges should depend upon reach/engagement they get per post and authenticity of audience who follow them. Before charging from brand influencer should consider the price value of product also. Therefore, Instagram sponsored post cost should depend on the quality of their content and the size of their audience. Socialfaim android application help influencers to boost their profile and gives price recommendation.

Influencer should signup as influencer at socialfaim website or if android user should download the app. All their data will be saved in the database of socialfaim and influencer will receive the notification from the brand.

Download Socialfaim app and list under the preferred partner, where the app suggests influencers to create a unique and engaging content through image recognition modal. This app will also enable influencer to use hashtag recommendation.

Download socialfaim app and get subscription modal in which each step helps anyone to grow profile digitally. Socialfaim app will list your competitors as well. It also help influencers to get brands easily. Socialfaim app works as a social media manager which tells tricks to create engaging content.

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