Socialfaim AI Technology provided the best marketing concepts with deep insights
Get comprehensive report or audience quality and authenticity.

How our technology will be helpful for brands


Our engine suggests best authentic influencers from millions of influencers

Performance Tracker

Track every influencers's performance on different social media platform

Geographic Filters

More than 30 unique categorize filters that will help you to match your best influencer

Audience Demography

Our tool helps you to identify relevant micro and macro influencers, the percentage of exact targeted age, by location and specific detailed report

Spot Fake Followers

We analyze any instagram account for fake followers and likes. Our tool provides complete information like real accounts, suspicious accounts, authentic, and quality audience

Calculate Real Time ROI

Calculate EMV (earn media value) and ROI. We Provide complete report analysis of your CPI (cost per impression) and CPE (cost per engagement)

How brands can get influencers insights

Sign up as a brand with all details and get access to all influencers profiles and get real time data. Go and Sign Up.

Create campaign and shortlist your best influencer from the pool of influencer. You can shortlist them with various filters and can sort them by engagement.

You can analyze these influencers by checking various metrics and audience quality.

You can also analyze the reachability of that influencer's campaign post.

Once shortlisted, get full report of predicted KPI and ROI.

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